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We have developed a key strategy and a business model around KAEGEM representing the “owner” and not vendors or products. Our subject matter experts can analyze your current operations and develop recommendations for a strategic plan without bias.


Our mission and goals are to reduce operating expenses and risk while increasing productivity with maintaining the highest level of quality.


With years of operating experience our consultants and subject matter experts are some of the most experienced in the industry.


A clear tomorrow for your business

For an organization's vision and mission to be effective, they must be assessed internally and externally. The internal assessment should focus on how members inside the organization interpret their mission statement. The external assessment — which includes all of the businesses stakeholders — is valuable since it offers a different perspective. These discrepancies between these two assessments can provide insight into their effectiveness.

KAEGEM will assess your operations with an emphasis on developing “best-in-class” programs. We also collect and benchmark your operations data against industry and geographic data. This maps the way to how you are performing and where you want to go by redefining your company’s vision and mission by taking any one of our proprietary assessments.

Corporate services

Operational Plus
Financial Assessment
As a value add financial assessment tool, we will develop plans to reduce cost. However, this tool excels with organizations that operates facilities in multiple locations. Our experts are professionals that hold licenses in all 50 states and can develop and perform a comprehensive plan nationwide.
Vendor & Employee
Compliance has never been more important. We have developed a system for the first time that reviews financial, legal, education, training, and corporate compliance in one system. We also have targeted industry such as healthcare, education, government, and other mission-critical operations that must comply by law with vendor & employee compliance.
Facility / Risk Management
Our system was based on 5 key areas of all facility operations. Also as a value-add, our system will identify possible savings in the operations and will rank all the risk management levels to determine critical risk.

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